Angel and Eric


Dimensional Photography
Capturing Spirit In Pictures
By Angel and Eric Brodsky

Presented are 442 unusual Light photographs, that have been taken over a 53 year period of time. Unaltered, except for reducing or enlarging, these pictures, presented in movie format, will have you wondering, "what are these Lights?" By using regular point and shoot cameras in common to exotic locations, it will be shown how anyone, anywhere, can capture the beautiful Lights of Spirit.

You are NEVER alone! You are Loved and assisted in ways that you have not always seen... until now!

Movie with Narration By Angel and Eric: 60 minutes Movie with Music by Jim Kuffel: 60 minutes
Color / 120 Minutes / 2010
Full Screen / NTSC / Printed In The USA /
All Region DVD
Price: $19.99

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