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A non-profit organization “Transforming The Universe With Love“. The website is intended to promote the sharing of love and also to inspire, with sections such as "Hugs-Online™", "Mind Connections", a client "Showcase", "Sounds of Spirit" and "Angel Contacts". May this place serve as your online "playground" for Self-expression, your inspirational place to break the mental bonds of the "busy-ness" world, bringing greater peace and joy into your life. This site is "Our" gift to the "One"...The Universal One.

Poetry of
the Angels

The site for the highly acclaimed trilogy of books by Eric Brodsky. Praise has come from a wide range of renowned figures from Doreen Virtue, Joseph Girzone and Nick Bunick, to The United Nations and The Late Pope John Paul II. The three books discuss 165 different topics that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone of any age or belief system.


This site is devoted to the rare mineral configuration that makes up “Stargate” Stones also known by geologists as “Turtle” Stones. This location sells, as well as shares some of the geological and metaphysical information on these rare stones, only found in Northern Arkansas & Australia.


Angel and Eric’s location to sell the many items, not listed on the website. From Angel Readings, books, crystals and minerals, to gold & silver jewelry.

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