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Jill from Pennsylvania writes: “Exceptional reading, very encouraging and insightful, highly recommend.“ ALSO… “Thank you for my reading this morning. Wish I could share what I learned with more Vietnam veterans. There are a lot who are so isolated, maybe they would do better using tools like the ones you discussed with me. Thanks again.”

Leslie from California writes:
“Wonderfully accurate”
Kathy from Illinois writes: "After the session I felt more love for myself, and not the phony kind that comes from being artificially propped up or given phony compliments, but the unconditional kind that's been with me since my creation, waiting to be uncovered. I hope to keep up this state of truth and grace with the exercises you've given me. Thanks for being a healer to the healers."

Michelle from California writes: “One of the most uplifting experiences I've EVER had. Thank you, Eric. A++++!!!”

Leasa from Alabama writes: “This was great I will be back Thank you”

Theresa from Illinois writes: “Thank you Eric for wonderful and inspiring reading! I am happier already! A++”

Setsu from Japan, who called us, writes: “It was a wonderful reading. I felt like I got strong energy through his message.”

Guido from Connecticutt writes: “Hi Eric, Thank you for the wonderful reading you did for me this past tuesday! Seems like you knew exactly what i needed. The grounding exercise is definitely something i need to start doing on a daily basis. You said i need to relax more, and to be in the now. Everything you said was right on. It,s almost like you knew me personally. I have two books by Eckert Tolle about the power of now, which are excellent. So basically you confirmed what i already know that i have to do. You also talked about getting my own answers from within, which i agree. Until i get to that point i plan on having you possibly doing more readings for me. Thanks again”Bernie from Indiana writes: “Hi Eric, thank you very much for the wonderful talk and messages you shared with me. I felt so happy and at peace after speaking with you. I'd like to speak with you again in the future. Thank you so much.”

Tracy from Colorado writes: “Thanks so much Eric, for this and for the wonderful reading. I'm just touched by how real it was and how everything was just what I needed to hear. You and the angels are amazing…. also Wow! A powerful experience that I'll never forget, thx SO much you guys!  J ”

Barbara from South Carolina writes: Angel... "Most healing reading I have ever had! I am so grateful! Will call again! Thanks!”

Tracy from Colorado writes: “Thanks so much Eric, for this and for the wonderful reading. I'm just touched by how real it was and how everything was just what I needed to hear. You and the angels are amazing…. also Wow! A powerful experience that I'll never forget, thx SO much you guys! J ”

Bernie from California writes: “Hi Eric, thank you very much for the wonderful talk and messages you shared with me. I felt so happy and at peace after speaking with you. I'd like to speak with you again in the future. Thank you so much.”

Marina from Florida writes: “Beautiful and amazing reading touched my heart. Thank you very much Eric for sharing with me your Light, Love, and Angelic Guidance. Highly Recommend AngelandEric Beautiful Light Workers. God Bless You. I hope to talk to you again.”

Tracy from Georgia writes: “Angel, thank you so much! I was at work and one of my coworkers asked why was i so happy-- I guess just in love with life! More things make sense since I have been thinking about our reading and doing the grounding. Alot makes sense now.” Also… GREAT READING AND SPECIAL PERSON!!! AAA!!!”

Naoko from California writes: “Dear Eric and Angel, Thank you again for today's reading. It did help me out, remembering who I am. Do hope you keep offering service for others.”

Alex from New York writes: “Dear Eric and Angel, I want to thank YOU both, I truly feel transformed after our reading. A lot if not all of the fear in me is gone. I do also appreciate you finishing your thoughts after the hour was up. It is a testament to your integrity. I feel very powerful now and plan to use my powers to make a difference. God bless you.” AND “Absolutely Amazing. If you happened upon them, someone's trying to tell you something.”

Cindy from New York writes: “What Eric went over really made perfect sense and helped me...Excellent!!!!!!!”

Brian from Tennessee writes: “Great reading, very positive, will do again!! Definite recommend! A++”

Kristin from California writes: “The reading was great and put a lot of pieces of the puzzle together and gave me great tools.”

Patti from Maryland writes: “Very helpful and enlightening, Angel speaks the truth of your soul!”

Kathie from Rhode Island writes: “Very nice, informative and helpful reading. Thanks so much!”

Karen from Arizona writes: “Generous Beautiful LIGHTworkers; Lovely couple, don't hesitate to call. 5-star!” Also... "GENUINE & GIFTED CHANNEL,... ERIC IS THE REAL DEAL!”

Diane from Florida writes: "The greatest and helpful & enlightening. Thanks" Also... "My sister gave me the gift of my reading with Angel and Eric, and she truely blessed me in many ways. I found Angel and Eric to be very friendly, careing, and tuned in to me and my life problems. During my reading Eric guided me to open my eyes(all 3), my mind,and my spirit to the universe. He taught me to ground myself, and how to heal myself. Thank you Eric for helping me to learn to cut the cords that bind me. I learned so much insight from Angel, about myself, and about others I inquired about. She has such a kind spirit, and I felt so good and happy after speaking with her. I was truely blessed to have a reading with them and I look forward to future readings. Blessings to All"

Debb from Pennsylvania writes: “My reading w/Eric was a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to others!”

Lyn from Arizona writes: “Thank you - fun and practical; thanks extra for being so flexible with timing!”

Ricardo from Florida writes: “Amazing reading! Accurate, detailed, and divinely guided! All I can say is wow!! My reading with Eric was amazing. He is divinely guided and very gifted. The information he shared with me was accurate, detailed, and extremely helpful. He is also very kind and generous.. The reading was extremely informative and connected to my life. It was very powerful and insightful. Thanks again Eric for sharing your wonderful gift and your great kindness. Many blessings to you!”

Toni from Minnesota writes: " Eric’s reading touched my heart. It was important information for me. Excellent, thank you."

Heidi from Massachusetts writes: "Eric - Thank you so much. I have so much more clarity, direction, and courage after speaking with you. You not only gave me vital messages for keeping me well and connected, but provided me with instructions on how to utilize those inner tools... I am grateful and feel blessed that I was lead to you! Much peace & love to you and your family!"

Viviane from Virginia writes: "The reading was incredible. I know that were angels talking to you, only God knows what you said to me. The reading "cleared" my eyes and my ears, showing what I couldn't see and hear, it gave me more understanding. It was like listening to a wise old friend, who knows what I needed to hear to make my life better. I still feel the energy of the reading and I can't wait to have another. Now, more than ever, I believe in angels, and I believe they are watching us and wanting our best, our growth in this Earth. Thank you so much Eric. Blessings"

Heidi from Kentucky writes: "The reading with Angel was very comfortable and comforting. The reading was very accurate and validating. Thank you very much!"

Jerrun from Oregon writes: "Thank you Eric. I want to say thank you again for my reading. I really enjoyed it and I learned many things I needed to understand."

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania writes: "Dear Eric, Words can not express the wonderous talent that is you! Our time together tremendously assisted me in all the areas of my life and I would HIGHLY reccommend you to EVERYONE I know! Your ability to talk to the angels surpasses any reading I've ever had. I will be back soon! In love & light"

Jose From Mexico writes: "I do hope many people find their way to you for an assisted guidance that is certainly extremely helpful & uplifting. I'm sure with an open heart and mind this guidance is just simply eye-opening. But it rings true to all my beliefs & what I am that I wasn't able to put resistance with my ego, which usually comes forward and plant some doubt seed. I truly hope all the best come your way and that your life be filled with blessings. And I certainly wish that more people get in contact to receive the clear messages you provide, which evidently come from a most loving & peaceful place, that I can only relate as assistance from Heaven/Higher Realms. Thank You Very Much!"

Phil from Minnesota writes: "I purchased the reading for a few reasons, one was for fun, another to confirm some things for myself, but the biggest reason for getting a reading was to help myself move forward on my journey. I found that I felt the angels presence with not only myself, but you as well - the rooms were crowded. The information that came through felt so right that I was at peace and at the same time knew the information was correct for me. The little things that came through just show how connected you are to the angels. I would HIGHLY recommend you to others. I feel that you are a blessing to all you contact and hope that others will take the information they receive and use it, as I am! Thank you again and BLESS you and yours."

Dhyan From Florida writes: "Heartfelt thanks, Dear Angels, both of you, and All of You, for generously sharing your Love & Light with me yesterday in my phone reading with Eric. I found I had few questions, as they were answered even before I could voice them! In that hour, I received Guidance, affirmations, and confirmations galore----tools I need now to position myself appropriately in order to create positive new experiences for myself and those in my World. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. And Bless You."


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